It's time to change how construction gets done.

Not only are we a general contractor, we’ve closed the learning curve on prefab construction and we know that deep experience leads to better control, better quality and more cost certainty than ever before. We are ready for next steps when you are.


Advancing the industry forward.

We are committed to addressing change within our industry.  Furthering our learning and growth as a team to better service our clients and help them achieve their goals is priority number one.  We are focused on learning about new methodologies, technologies and innovations that can benefit our project teams and our clients. 


How We Get It Done

We believe in a collaborative approach that ensures seamless communication, cost-effective solutions, and timely project delivery.

We work in tandem with our qualified trade and design partners to meet the goals of our clients, while maintaining budgets and timelines. As a One Workplace™ company, we can access our partner brands for furniture, technology, and other capabilities needed to best address our clients’ needs across the entire contract supply chain.

Lean Construction

We maximize project value by precisely defining the required labor, equipment, and materials, while eliminating resources that do not add value. We strive to minimize or eliminate waste through all phases of the project cycle.

Evaluation and Controls

We ensure the entire project team has the insights necessary to effectively design and plan for efficient construction. Our state-of-the art budgeting and scheduling tools provide real-time performance data on project status, supporting quick and decisive course corrections as needed.

Risk Management

Our project teams are extensively trained in all aspects of risk management, including early-stage analysis, mitigating measures, monitoring, and contingency planning. And our safety-first approach requires OSHA 30 certification for all supervisory personnel—from onsite to office staff.

Let’s build remarkable spaces together.

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Working Together

Vantis’ Guide to General Construction

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