About Us

We’re changing how built environments are built.

And we’re doing it with a new approach that brings technology, custom manufacturing, and offsite construction together. This takes a new way of thinking, new methods, and a new attitude—never settling for how it’s always been done.

It’s time for change.


The Vantis Team

At Vantis, we’re a passionate group of designers, architects, engineers, contractors and innovators who bring diverse backgrounds, years of experience, and a common belief that there’s always a better way to build every project.

We’re serious about off-site integration. And we’re constantly looking for new principles and practices to make the construction experience better for our clients, consultants and subtrades.

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Meet Our Family of Brands

By integrating design, construction, furniture, technology, and services into interior solutions, our united family of brands gives you access to the tools, people, and expertise  you need to create any environment and meet any timeline.

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