What is Design-Build Construction?

In the world of commercial construction, the design-build approach has emerged as a streamlined, efficient method that integrates design and construction processes under a single contract. This method is different from a traditional design-bid-build process, where design and construction services are split between different companies.

Benefits of Design-Build Construction
The design-build approach offers numerous advantages over traditional construction methods, making it an attractive option for many corporations and institutions.

Single-Point Responsibility – With a single entity responsible for both design and construction, there’s a central point of accountability and enhanced collaboration. This reduces risks for the project owner and increases the general contractors (GC’s) accountability for the completion of the project, adherence to the budget and schedule, and overall quality.

Cost Certainty – One of the most compelling advantages of the design-build approach is its potential for cost savings. Early involvement of the construction teammeans that product or material selections and constructability decisions are considered in the design phase, leading to more accurate cost estimations and the avoidance of costly changes and delays.

Greater speed and efficiency – The design-build model can significantly reduce project delivery time. With design and construction phases overlapping, and with fewer bureaucratic hurdles to clear, projects can move from concept to completion more quickly than in traditional project delivery methods.

Improved Quality and Customization – The cohesive approach of the design-build method allows for a smoother, more managed process, ensuring that the quality of work meets the owner’s expectations. Space planners and interior architects can utilize 3D visualizations, custom millwork and custom surfaces to create unique workspaces.

When to Use Design-Build
Design-build construction is especially suited for projects where time is of the essence, where the project scope is not fully defined, or where the project involves complex, innovative components that benefit from close collaboration between design and construction professionals.

Vantis Construction and Design-Build
Regardless of the construction approach you prefer, Vantis can partner with you for the best results. We combine proven construction methods, next-gen technology and true collaboration to build high-performing work and learning environments. On compressed schedules. With far less waste.

Our teams work in Northern California and Washington, focused on interior tenant improvements (TI’s) for a variety of companies in healthcare, education, life science and corporate industries.  You can view our projects here.