Prologis Industrial Center

Downey, CA


Design Bid Build

Project Type

General Construction with Prefabrication

Project Method

Industrial Real Estate​


This Prologis tenant improvement project is within a transport center. The initial project programming was revised after construction started requiring a redesigned layout and we shifted direction to accommodate without adding time to the schedule. Extra materials can be reused when needed.

Design Shift Managed without Schedule Creep

During construction, the floor plate design was reconfigured, and six offices were removed. Despite the change, we maintained the same construction schedule end date through the accelerated installation using prefabricated walls. Unused materials are being stored off-site until the tenant is ready to reconfigure the space again.

The floor plan includes 9 offices, a breakroom, 4 large restrooms, driver’s check in windows, janitor’s closet, IT room and storage. The layout was based on the tenant’s space programming. 

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