Silicon Labs

San Jose, CA


Design Build

Project Type

Conventional and Prefabrication Construction

Project Method

Wireless Technology​


Silicon Labs had engaged our team to create 12 additional offices in their existing space. After the project hit a funding challenge, our scope was expanded to include Design – Build services as a general contractor to control costs while protecting key design features.

Cost Control + Design Integrity

Our design team recommended a DIRTT solution for this buildout to provide cost certainty from the beginning. By using Virtual Reality to review the design with Silicon Labs, the team was able to isolate preferred design elements and preserve them during the design process.

Through managing both design and construction, we created a closer relationship between design and pricing, keeping the project on budget. The end result provided the client with their preferred design and using VR technology supported quick decision making. This saved time and money that would have been spent on multiple design iterations, redirecting it to the fit and finish of the space.

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