San Jose, CA


Design Assist

Project Type

Prefabricated Construction​

Project Method



This client requested the ability to easily adapt their new workplace to accommodate headcount growth and new work group requirements, in the most cost-effective way. Their office was also a marketing tool, with visualized data shared throughout. They proceeded, with the CFO’s blessing, with prefabricated construction to solve for their future, embracing the cost certainty and speed of construction to move their staff in quickly.

Cost Certainty + Future Proofing

The prefabricated built environment with flush integrated monitors and technology, millwork, glazed office fronts and visual storytelling across the walls met their current needs and allow for ease of change in the future.

Integrated whiteboard wall skins alongside integrated monitors within prefabricated walls carrying power and data, empower the staff to meet all their presentation needs, wherever they are in the office.

Glazed office fronts allow transparency for availability as well as acoustic privacy for private client conversations.

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